Your plan is safe with us

We realize that your marketing plan is your pride and joy. We’ve gone to extensive measures to help protect it from prying eyes. All data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure SSL connection onto servers with enterprise grade security.

Your credit card is safe and secure

We do NOT store your credit card information. We work with eWay to handle all credit card transactions. Plan Lab is not a recurring subscription service so you will only find the one transaction on your statement. All credit card data is encrypted by an SSL connection when transmitting to their PCI-compliant network.

Plan Lab will be there when you need it

Plan Lab is hosted in a fully-redundant data center with tier-one connectivity and an advanced security video surveillance system with three layers of NOC monitoring. We occasionally run scheduled maintenance and add new features, and when doing so, we’ll do our best to notify you of when to expect down-time.

We never stop improving the software

We don’t think that Plan Lab will ever be finished. Marketing and technology are both constantly evolving. Every few months we discover new things that we can add and have new advice to share as our world evolves.

Have any other concerns?

Let us know if you have any further questions about our security. We realize this is a high-level snapshot of what we offer, but we’d be happy to indulge you with the deepest inner-workings of just how dedicated we are to making you feel secure.