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Plan Lab is regularly updated with the latest marketing advice as Engage Marketing continues to consult on marketing strategy, develop marketing ideas and write marketing plans for small businesses around the world.


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Plan Lab utilises modern architecture and modern advice, showing you how marketing has changed and in which direction consumer habits are moving.

Our latest updates cover developments in digital marketing, social media and mobile.

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Plan Lab wasn’t put together by a software company with the actual advice added as an afterthought. We deliberately did away with affiliate offers and gimmicky tools to focus on what really mattered – the strategic marketing advice.

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  1. Expert advice on every single question in a marketing plan
  2. An increasing library of examples to show you how real businesses create their marketing plan
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  5. Write and save notes on your plan as you progress through it
  6. Plan Lab saves your plan as you go, storing it in secure data centres around America
  7. Add photos and format your plan, just like a Word document
  8. Works just as well on a Mac as a PC
  9. Its built on ‘the cloud’ – work on your plan at work or at home
  10. We’re adding new features every month!